ZOYA- Kisses Promotions

Zoya Kisses 9 piece display- Holds 3 bottles of each shade, for a total of 9 bottles per display. Full size 0.5oz bottles. Special Deal! Get 9 bottles 0.5oz of the Perfect Overlay Leia FREE with the purchase of a 9 piece Kisses display

Zoya Kisses Sampler- Full size 0.5 bottles, 1 of each shade

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ZOYA- New Kisses Pastel Jellies

Just a kiss of sheer, milky color in a super shiny base. Extremely easy to wear, these three NEW Pastel Cream Jellies from Zoya let you wear pastels in the softest of ways.

  • Vickie ZP934- A buildable, milky gray jelly
  • Libby ZP935- A buildable, milky lavender jelly
  • Princess ZP936- A buildable, milky pink jelly
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ALFAPARF- Pigments Promotions (17% Savings)

Promotion 1:

Purchase 5 Pigments Colors and Get 1 FREE (Your Choice from Red .6, Cooper .4, Violet Ash .21, Golden Mahogany .35, Ash Gold .13, Gold .3, Ash .1, Golden Violet .32, Rose Copper, Bronze, Grey Black)

Promotion 2:

Purchase 5 Pigments Care Products and Get 1 FREE (Your choice from Hydrating Shampoo or Mask, Reparative Shampoo or Mask, Nutritive Shampoo or Mask)

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ALFAPARF- Playlist New Color Collection

The New collection of colors is transformed into the hottest playlist ever. For talented women expressing their personality with only one idea in their head: they want to be heard.

  • Color  Wear Metallic Bronze 7
  • Color Wear Metallic Bronze 9
  • Eoc Metallic Bronze 5
  • Eoc Metallic Bronze 7
  • Eoc Metallic Bronze 9
  • Eoc Metallic Grey 5
  • Eoc Metallic Grey 7
  • Color Wear Metallic Grey 7
  • Color Wear Metallic Grey 9
  • Eoc Metallic Copper Rose 7
  • Eoc Metallic Copper Rose 9
  • Color Wear Metallic Copper Rose 9
  • Pigments Grey Black
  • Pigments Bronze
  • Pigments Copper Rose


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ALFAPARF- Playlist (55% Savings) Coming Soon!

New Colors From Evolution, Colorwear, and Pigments


  • 1 Color Wear Metallic Bronze 7 2.05oz
  • 1 Color Wear Metallic Bronze 9 2.05oz
  • 1 Eoc Metallic Bronze 5 2.05oz
  • 1 Eoc Metallic Bronze 7 2.05oz
  • 1 Eoc Metallic Bronze 9 2.05oz
  • 1 Eoc Metallic Grey 5 2.05oz
  • 1 Eoc Metallic Grey 7 2.05oz
  • 1 Color Wear Metallic Grey 7 2.05oz
  • 1 Color Wear Metallic Grey 9 2.05oz
  • 1 Eoc Metallic Copper Rose 7 2.05oz
  • 1 Eoc Metallic Copper Rose 9 2.05oz
  • 1 Color Wear Metallic Copper Rose 9 2.05oz

Receive as Gift:

  • 1 Pigments Grey Black 3.04oz
  • 1 Pigments Bronze 3.04oz
  • 1 Pigments Copper Rose 3.04oz
  • 1 Playlist Color Chart
  • 1 Playlist Poster
  • 1 Playlist Step by Step
  • 1 Playlist Wall Chart
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REUZEL- Introducing Fiber Gel

  • Firm, Pliable Hold
  • Low Shine
  • Water Based

Fiber Gel is an alcohol-free, non flaking gel with a firm pliable hold and low shine.

Fiber Gel offers firm holding power all day, while still maintaining the characteristics that appeal to the avid gel user.

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NEUMA Boxed Kits

Kit 1- Fashion Week Trend Forecast (12% Savings)- Spring 2018 style is all about glossy defined curls, natural texture and braids. NEUMA’s Fashion Week Trend Kit gives you the tools you need to create the newest styles direct from the runway.


  • neuControl medium 6.0oz
  • neuControl firm 6.0oz
  • neuStyling texturizer 3.4oz


  • neuStyling mousse 6.8oz at 50% OFF


Kit 2- Finishing Touches (15% Savings)


  • neuControl medium 6.0oz
  • neuStyling clay 1.8oz


neuSmooth illuminating mist 2.5 oz at 50% OFF



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NEUMA- So Happy Together (20% Savings)

Whether you choose neuControl medium for a soft, flexible hold or neuControl firm to lock in all-day style, make NEUMAS’s low VOC aerosol hair sprays your go-to style finishers.

Purchase- neuControl meduim 6.0oz and neuControl firm 6.0oz packaged together, receive a special 20% OFF


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KEUNE- BLEND Promotions

Promotion 1- Keep It Fresh (58% Savings)

Purchase BLEND Refreshing Spray at a special case price.

Includes: 12x BLEND Refreshing Spray 150ml

Promotion 2- Blend Wax 25% OFF

Use BLEND Wax to create a shiny and trendy look on short to medium hair. Defines the hair without appearing greasy and easy to restyle.


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KEUNE- Better Bonding With Bond Fusion (50% Savings)

Protect your client’s strands during a chemical service with Keune’s Bond Fusion. This revolutionary bond-boosting system thoroughly protects, nourishes and strengthens colored hair, leaving hair twice as strong compared to hair colored without Bond Fusion.


  • 1x Bond Fusion Salon Kit
  • 1x Cream Bleach 500g
  • 2x 30 Volume Developer 9% 1000ml
  • 4x Bond Fusion Phase 3, 200ml
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KEUNE- Winter Hues, Not Winter Blues (57% Savings)

Color all winter long with these soft, natural, grey, blonde and brown hues. These quality, timeless colors not only color the hair, they add dimension, detail, and expression. Try one of the gorgeous greys or glowing blondes created to suit everyone’s personality, hair and skin type. If light and bright isn’t your thing, it’s the perfect time to rock a shade of brown. These beautiful brown colors combine warm and cool characters in one to give you the feeling of rich luxury.


  • 1 Semi Color Grey 60ml
  • 1 Tinta Color 3011 Ultra Ash Blonde 60ml
  • 1 Tinta Color 3017 Ultra Ash Violet Blonde 60ml
  • 1 Tinta Color 3025 Ultra Pearl Mahogany Blonde 60ml
  • 1 Tinta Color 4.23 Medium Cocoa Brown 60ml
  • 1 Tinta Color 5.81 Light Ash Brown 60ml
  • 1 Tinta Color 6.13UC Dark Golden Ash Blonde 60ml
  • 1 Tinta Color 6.15 Dark Ash Mahogany Blonde 60ml
  • 1 Tinta Color 8.23UC Light Cocoa Blonde 60 ml
  • 1 Swatch Ring
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MACADAMIA- Liter Duo’s (40% Savings)

Purchase Shampoo and Conditioner Liter Duos at a Special Price (40% Savings)


  • Weightless Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Nourishing Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Ultra Rich Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
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NEUMA- reNeu dry shampoo is Here!

Refreshed, clean locks in seconds! reNeu dry shampoo’s innovative formula absorbs excess oil and neutralizes odors while creating light volume and maintaining natural shine, It’s perfect for all hair types and scalp conditions.


  • Talc and aluminum free
  • Itch-free formula
  • Safe alternative to other dry shampoos

Performance + Wellness + Sustainability

  • Rice and Tapioca Starch powders absorb excess oil
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Creates light volume
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KEUNE- Tinta Color Care BOGO SALE (49% Savings)

Your premium sulfate and paraben-free color protection. Tinta Color Protection provides long lasting color protection and durability. Tinta Color Care nourishes the hair and improves shine and combability.

Buy the retail size Conditioner, Get the retail size Shampoo FREE- 49% SAVINGS

Buy the liter size Conditioner, Get the liter size Shampoo FREE- 49% SAVINGS

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